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Readers Respond: Have You Tried Any Homemade Recipes?

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will orange and yougurt mask dry up my skin? because i have dry skin.
—Guest naz

Home Made BEauty Tips

Alcohol in Skin Care: Yes or No? When you are choosing the best skin care products for your skin type, you may have already noticed that alcohol is a common ingredient in your product labels. So Yes or No to Alcohol in Skin Care? Regards Home Made Beauty
—Guest Vicky Lewy

Not sure but..

My church group has an annual "Yuck Night" where we pretty much pelt each other with eggs, pudding, spaghetti, and other slimy gooey foods. When I got home that night, my face was covered in pudding. When I washed it off, my face was incredibly soft, way softer than it was that morning. I'm not sure if it was the pudding or something else...but if you have some time, try putting some chocolate pudding on your face and then washing it off once it dries. It might be a cheap alternative to a mud mask!
—Guest rn31

Thirsty skin or hair

I use a combo of an egg, mayo, olive oil, and honey in my hair. This makes it really soft, shiny, and easy to brush. I also use egg, and honey on my face. Works Great!
—Guest Melanie

Vit A liquid Capsules + Vit E Capsules

I mix one or two Vit A liquid capsules with two Vit E capsules. Sometimes I add Evening Primrose oil as well. I pain this on my face at night. The Retinol in the Vit A is great for reducing wrinkles and it's a lot cheaper than Retinol cream.
—Guest marie

shine to face

i use strawberry + yogurt on my face as a mask sometimes. It does really add shine to my skin. It looks clean & polished. Strawberry is natural source of acid, it does a good job in suppressing acne on face. My skin is dry/v.sensitive & mild acne prone. It works really well for me.
—Guest Api

skin softener

i use yogurt + honey+2 drops of lemon+ pinch of turmeric+finely grated cucumber face mask for mild acne prone dry/combination skin. I think it does pretty good cleansing and help reducing acne.
—Guest piscean100

Food for your face

I have these 3 basic items with me always, even when travelling - sugar (collect those portable little packets that the fast food offers, just make sure it is fine sugar), honey in a small glass jar and a single serving of natural yogurt can be easily purchased from the store. I use the sugar as a face or body scrub when used with the facial cleanser or shower gel. The honey is added to the shampoo and conditioner when doing my hair. I also use this versatile honey for a quick facial - wet your face and use the back of a small metal spoon to spread honey on your face - it doesn't drag the skin and it helps to smooth a thin layer of honey. You can also stir in the yogurt to the honey for a more luxurious facial.
—Guest Sushi08

Egg White

It really helps 2 smooth my face. it removed excess oil on my face, leaving my face smooth & supple
—Guest Estar

glowing skin

i daily take 1 glass of orange juice, which works alot,i also use chandan powder+besan face mask.
—Guest aamna

liquid ingredients

speacially in winter,take rose water+glycerine.splash it on facewith cotton pad over night.it really help to make skin smooth and glowing.in summers u can add lemon juice also.
—Guest sandeep

effective baking soda

my skin acne prone skin. i applied baking soda paste made with water.that is really very effective to oily and acne prone skin.use it as scrub.or can apply for few minutes
—Guest sanjdeep

face mask

i used mask of gram flour+lemon juice+honey+bit of turmeric powder.it's effoctive in reducing excess oil on skin and helping in skin complexion to be more fare.
—Guest sandeep

face mask

i used mask of gram flour+lemon juice+honey+bit of turmeric powder.it's effoctive in reducing excess oil on skin and helping in skin complexion to be more fare.
—Guest sandeep

amazing effects

i found that tomato pulp does wonders 4 ur skin. let the pulp "feed" on ur skin for 10 min and wash off.
—Guest gayathri

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