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Skincare Myths Debunked


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Myth or Fact: Are Organic or Natural Products Better for Skin?
Skincare Myths Debunked
Domino Magazine
Not always. While organic foods are good for your body, there isn't sufficient evidence that organic beauty products are better for your skin. In fact, many organic skin care products have a short shelf life and can harm skin if the product is expired. Other organic products are made from fruits which can irritate skin, other products can cause allergies.

The industry isn't properly regulated yet, so read the labels carefully. A bottle marked "organic" must contain 95 percent organic ingredients, but those marked "natural" or "made with organic ingredients" may still contain the bad stuff. Do your research and find the companies that really do an amazing job of making products that are truly eco-friendly.

That said, I'm a huge believer in using products that have not been tested on animals and that are eco-friendly. I've done a ton of research to find products that you can feel good about buying. I list them in 10 Best Organic Products for Your Skin.

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