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Apply Makeup in Just 5 Simple Steps

How to create a basic weekend and weekday face in just a few minutes


Apply Makeup in Just 5 Simple Steps
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Most days, I leave the house in just tinted sunscreen (SPF 40, of course!), concealer mascara and lipstick. That's all I really need to feel put-together. 

But not every woman who wants a natural made-up face needs the products I do to feel gorgeous. In this article, I outline a few different looks, all which take about 5 steps or less, to make you look natural and gorgeous.

For tips on evening makeup, see my article, How to Make Up Eyes & Face for Evening.

The Basic Weekend Face

This basic face is perfect for weekend days when you want to clean up your complexion, but you don't want to go all out.

  1. Start with a clean face. If you have any flakes at all on your skin, I recommend exfoliating with a lukewarm washcloth over your entire face and lips. Slather on moisturizer if your skin is dry or combination.
  2. Apply sunscreen. Don't skip sunscreen even on cloudy days. Your 60-year-old self will thank you. This is especially important on weekends spent outside. I like to use a tinted sunscreen of SPF 40 because it acts as a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation in one. (I wrote about it at length here). That cuts out 2 steps! BB creams are great for providing moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation. But if you only have regular sunscreen, that's fine too.
  3. Create an even skin tone. If you don't have a tinted sunscreen or BB cream, then apply foundation or tinted moisturizer on your face. Once you're done with that, apply concealer around the eyes making sure to hit any dark or blu-ish spots.
  4. Make up your eyes. I stay as minimal as possible on the weekends with no eyeshadow and just a sweep of mascara. I also avoid eyeliner. You can use a light pencil and a sweep of neutral eyeshadow on your lids if you like.
  5. On to the lips. I don't always make up my lips for the weekend, but if I do, I usually just slather on a Burt's Bees tinted lip balm. It's nice to add a little color to the lips.

As the weekend wears on, you'll want to re-apply the sunscreen if you're outside a lot.

The Basic Weekday Face

This basic weekday face is perfect for going to work in an office. You don't want to go overboard with your daytime office look, unless, of course, you work in a trendy industry where you can get away with anything. In that case, you can do whatever you feel is comfortable.

  1. Start with a clean face. Exfoliate with a lukewarm washcloth over your  face and lips. You can use a brown sugar with oil scrub if you prefer. Follow exfoliation with moisturizer.
  2. Never skip the sunscreen. SPF 40. Always. Rain or shine.
  3. Make up your face. Apply foundation or tinted moisturizer if you need it (some women with great skin may only need it in a few spots if at all). Follow with concealer under the eyes, just as you would on the weekend. Dot concealer on any of your red spots, uneven spots or blemishes. Add a pop of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Set your makeup with powder if you like by using a big fluffy brush.
  4. Make up your eyes. Leave the shimmers and the smokey eyes to the evening. Stick to a basic eyeshadow palette with a neutral color on your lid and a darker color in the crease. Line your lids if you like and smudge them so the line isn't so obvious. Curl lashes and apply a couple coats of mascara.
  5. Finish off with your lips. Daytime is not the time for a bright red, coral or pink lip. Leave that to the weekend or evening. Instead, choose a flattering lip color (Bobbi Brown recommends a lipstick shade that's a shade or 2 darker than your natural lip color).

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