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Bob Hairstyles: The 20 Hottest Bobs for 2014


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Long Bob: Catherine McNeil's Mussy Long Bob
A gorgeous wavy bob hairstyle

Catherine McNeil

Numéro October 2012
Love this look? See more long bobs in this gallery).

This long bob is mussy. To get a mussy bob, spray in a beach salt spray (I like Bumble & Bumble's) and scrunch hair as it dries.

To blow dry this cut into a sleek bob, follow these directions:

1. A volumizing shampoo and mousse if you have fine hair. Notice how Catherine's hair is anything but limp.
2. A large, paddle brush. Don't use a rounded brush on this cut, because you don't want the ends to curl under.
3. A decent flatiron. (You can wear this look wavy, too).
4. A gloss spray for after you iron. Bumble and Bumble discontinued their Gloss (why? why?), but their new Shine spray gets high marks in the industry.

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