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Prom Hair Styles -- Casual But Cool Hair Styles for Prom


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Prom Hair Styles -- Casual But Cool Hair Styles for Prom
Prom Hair Styles -- Casual But Cool Hair Styles for Prom

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A chignon (soft bun) is an easy, elegant style for everyday or special occasions such as prom. For chignons, you'll want to start with a side part or middle part.

This style is super easy & the messier, the better. To get this look, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Add body Spritz a styling spray or gel (we love Matrix Biolage Bodifying Spray Gel, a favorite of celebrity hairstylist Enzo Angileri. Spray gel on roots, it gives body without the stiffness of other gels.

Step 2: Tame frizz If you have naturally curly hair, you'll want to tame frizz with a mousse or pomade. Great products include Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam, another favorite of Angileri's, according to Elle Magazine. He likes to apply foam to damp curls, twist around his fingers & let them dry naturally.

Step 3: Secure hair Pull hair back into a low ponytail.

Step 4: Create the bun Once in a ponytail, twist hair into a bun & secure with another ponytail holder. If you want to look younger, fresher & less formal, let the ends stick out a bit.

Step 5: Apply a pomade or shine serum Updos look great with a bit of shine like MOP Glisten Shine Drops. Pomades like Bumble and Bumble Sumotech are great finishers for updos.

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