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Prom Hairstyles 2014

The 10 Hottest Prom Hairstyle Trends


Prom Hairstyles 2014

Brooklyn Decker, Rose McGowan & Jessica Alba

Getty Images, from top left: Frazer Harrison, Jason Merritt, Kevin Winter
Prom Hairstyles 2014

Anne Hathaway

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Prom Hairstyles 2014

Actress Freida Pinto arrives at the 81st Annual Academy Awards held at Kodak Theatre on February 22, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

I've handpicked 100s of prom hairstyles for 2014 that aren't ugly, dated or wrong, wrong, wrong (tiaras, anyone? Leave that for the prom queen). In this article, I break down below the 10 most popular prom hairstyle trends for 2014. But before you check them out, here's a sneak-peak:

Photos of the 10 most popular prom trends for 2014

Top 10 Prom Hairstyle Trends for 2014

You want to make sure your prom hairstyle and your prom makeup work with your dress. Here are the top trends in order. Don't miss the details behind each trend further down on this page:
  1. The Mussy Updo
  2. Half-up/Half-down Prom Hair
  3. The Classic Prom Updo
  4. Long Hair Worn Down (the Non-Updo)
  5. Braids
  6. The Side Ponytail
  7. Short Hair
  8. Side Buns
  9. The Bejeweled Prom Hairstyle
  10. Fake Bobs

4 Rules for Selecting a Prom Hairstyle

Rule No. 1: Choose the dress first. Your hair should complement your dress, not compete with it.

Rule No. 2 for prom: Consider your personality. You want to be comfortable at the prom, which means you want to look like the very best version of yourself. If you are a casual girl who never wears makeup, the prom is not the day to break out your inner Kim Kardashian. Leave the formal updos for the classic, traditional girls in your school.

Rule No. 3: Work with your hair texture, don't fight it. Curly hair looks amazing either down or up. Straight hair can be curled into waves and wound into ornate updos (with the help of pins and hairspray). Wavy hair can be either straightened or curled and is the perfect texture for half-up/half-down styles as well as updos.

Rule No. 4: Finally, when selecting styles, think ahead 20 years. Those prom photos may show up on 2033's version of Facebook, so you want to look fabulous and timeless. See How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner in Prom Photos before you stand in front of the camera. Those tips will last you a lifetime of picture-taking.

Trend No. 1: The Mussy Updo

See Gallery 1: 20 Casual Prom Hairstyles I Fell For

Messy is trendy. These prom and homecoming hairstyles are incredibly stylish, yet aren't shellacked in place.

Hair type: Mussy updos work best with a bit of wave or curl in them. If you have super straight hair, you'll need the help of a curling iron or hot rollers before attempting the updo. You also need hair that's at least to the shoulders or longer. While you can do these yourself, I recommend the help of a pro or at least a friend.

Personality: Mussy updos work with all personalities.

Dress type: Works great with strapless dresses because they show off the neckline. Great for dresses with straps, too. Avoid this look if you have an ornate dress, if you have a lot going on below the neck, you want something simple and sleek above the neck.

There are dozens of versions of the mussy updo. I suggest looking through these 5 galleries and selecting a few you like before your prom hair consultation.


Trend No. 2: Half-up/Half-down 

See Gallery 1: Pinned-Back Prom Hair

Guys love to see your hair, that's no secret, but wearing your hair down can be too boring for prom. These half-up/half-down looks are particularly sexy because they feature both your skin and your hair.

Hair type: This style works on all hair lengths and textures, except hair that's shorter than the chin. To keep this look from being boring, you might add curl, waves or extensions to your hair.

Personality: This is a classic prom trend, so it works best on girls who prefer traditional, classic looks. But you can funk this style up with a beehive pouf.

Dress type: These styles work well with strapless dresses.

More galleries:

Trend No. 3: The Classic Prom Updo

Start with Classic Prom Updos: Gallery 1

These classic prom hairstyles include mostly updos featured on the celebrity red carpet. Choose between a variety of classic hairstyles, a roundup of chignons and a gallery of ballerina buns. Be careful not to make your updo too tight, or pulled-back because all you will see in pictures is your forehead and neck. Opt for a side part with bangs angled gently over the forehead.

Hair texture: Works on all hair types from straight to super curly. Hair should be at least to your shoulders.

Personality: This style is best on classic, traditional girls.

Dress type: Works well with most dress types. Avoid casual, flowing dresses. Great hairstyle if you are featuring a necklace, earrings or an ornate bodice.


Trend No. 4: Keep Your Hair Down

Start with Prom Hairstyles Non-Updo 1

Who says you have to put hair in an updo for prom? You can go straight and sleek, or opt for bouncy curls or beachy waves. Just don't show up at prom looking as you do every day at school. If you are wearing your hair down and loose, make sure it hits below the top of your dress. Otherwise it can look boxy. If your hair isn't long enough, you can get extensions just for prom. Or grow out your hair.

Hair texture: Works on all hair types.

Personality: Works with all personalities, except traditional girls, who are better off with an updo.

Dress type: Balance out a tight-fitting, curve-hugging dress with loose, flowing waves or curls. This look works well with strapless dresses and spaghetti straps. Avoid wearing your hair down if the dress is a halter or covers the chest.

Prom Hairstyles Non-Updo 1
Prom Hairstyles Non-Updo 2
Prom Hairstyles Non-Updo 3
Prom Hairstyles Non-Updo 4
Prom Hairstyles Non-Updo 5

Trend No. 5: Braids

See Prom Braids: Gallery 1

Braids are more popular than ever. Try a bun wrapped in a braid, a braid as a headband or curly hair loosely braided into a romantic updo.

Hair texture: Straight or wavy. Works on all hair lengths, except super short.

Personality: Casual, romantic, sporty.

Dress type: Depends on the braids.

Prom Braids: Gallery 1
Prom Braids: Gallery 2

Trend No. 6: The Sleek and the Side Ponytail

A sleek ponytail or the super trendy side ponytail can set you apart from the crowd at prom this year. Paired with the right dress and jewelry, a ponytail can be your best prom hair option.

Hair texture: Works best with long, straight hair. If you have wavy hair, straighten it with a flat iron first. Avoid a ponytail if you have curly hair. Play up your makeup with smokey eyes.

Personality: Great on sophisticates, sporty girls, casual girls and book worms. Just be sure your hair doesn't look as if you pulled it back for soccer practice.

Dress type: Short dresses with flouncy skirts, modern dresses and long, curve-hugging dresses all work great with a ponytail.

Here are some great ponytail galleries:

Side Ponytails for Prom
Sleek Ponytails for Prom

Trend No. 7: Short Hair for Prom

My favorite short hairstyles for prom: Photos of Short Hair for Prom

Who says you have to go long at prom? Short hair is sassy and sophisticated. With the right dress and jewelry, even a pixie cut can look dressed up.

Hair texture: Works on all hair types except super thick and curly.

Personality: Edgy, funky, casual, sporty.

Dress type: You can wear any dress with short hair. Consider a dress that flatters your body shape rather than your hairstyle.

Trend No. 8: Side-swept Hair

Start with Side Buns

It seemed every celebrity wore a side bun or side-swept hair on the red carpets last year so of course I had to name it a trend and oh boy are these hairstyles amazing. Check out the side buns, the side ponytails and the side-swept hair galleries below and stand out from the other girls at prom.

Hair texture: You need longish hair for this look.

Personality: Works on anyone who's willing to try something new.

Dress type: A popular look on the red carpet this year was one-sleeved dresses with hair pulled over to the side. If your dress has one sleeve, this is a great option for you. Pile the hair over the sleeveless side.

My side-swept hair galleries:

Side Buns
Side Ponytails
Sideswept Hairstyles

Trend No. 9: Headbands

See Headbands, Ballerina Bands, Feathers: Gallery 1

There are so many cool headbands out there to dress up your hairstyle. Here are just a few red carpet ideas to inspire you:

Hair texture: All.

Personality: Daring, sophisticated, romantic, sporty and girlish.

Dress type: Best with simple dresses. Also, be careful not to over-accessorize. If you are wearing a headband, skip the necklace and wear a bracelet instead.

More headband galleries:

Headbands, Ballerina Bands, Feathers: Gallery 2

Trend No. 10: Fake a Bob

See Fake Bobs: Gallery 1

This look has been around the red carpet for awhile and done right can be absolutely adorable. Everyone will think you cut off your hair! Hair texture: Best on wavy hair or hair that's been curled. Must be below the shoulders.

Personality: Daring, romantic, trendy.

Dress type: Works well with dresses with sleeves, sleeveless dresses and any dress that would work with a bob hairstyle.


More Prom Musts

And to round up this prom article, I present to you a few more articles of note. Enjoy! And enjoy your big day!

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