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How to Detangle Hair

Tips for getting rids of knots in fine hair


How to Detangle Hair
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Long, fine hair is especially susceptible to tangles. If you have trouble detangling your long or fine hair (or your kid's), here are some tips:
  1. Always, always use conditioner after you shampoo. If you have oily hair (many people with fine hair, do), apply conditioner to the bottom two-thirds of your hair and apply conditioner before you shampoo, the shampoo will rinse off the residue the conditioner can leave, but you will still be left with untangled hair. If you have normal or dry hair, try a leave-in conditioner, applied to ends.
  2. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb out hair after you wash it. The many bristles on a brush can tear at hair.
  3. Comb by working from the bottom of hair up.
  4. If hair is dry and tangled and you don't want to wet hair, rub a few drops of shine serum in your palms, then run your hands through your hair. The serum will help you work out the knots with a comb.

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