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Splurge or Save? Skincare, Makeup & Haircare Products


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Splurge or Save: Shampoos, Conditioners & Blowdryers
Splurge or Save? Skincare, Makeup & Haircare Products

Kerastase, a great brand, but Pantene is a better buy for your money

Save on shampoos and conditioners, splurge on blowdryers.

Sorry you hairstylists out there with a fancy brand to push, the truth is drugstore brand shampoos and conditioners get the job done. There's no need to spend $75 on a ginormous bottle of Kerastase shampoo, unless like me, you're super attached to the way it makes your hair smell or you really, truly believe in the bottle's claims that its special ingredients can pump up your volume into Beyonce-like proportions.

One reason mass brand products, like Pantene and L'Oreal, are so great: The companies have billions of dollars to put into cutting-edge research.

As for blowdryers, the new ionic dryers like this HAI Tourmaline Ionic Blowdryer that finish hair in record time not only save you time every morning, but they cut down on heat exposure to your hair and let's be honest, less drying time means less damage.

See my lists of the best shampoos and conditioners and the best blowdryers.

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