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Makeup Tips

Everything you always wanted to know about makeup but were afraid to ask.
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2011 Nail Trends: Fall's 14 Hottest Trends
Fall's hottest nail trends include crackle, the newsprint mani, Shellac nail polish, Minx and Sally Hansen adhesives and more.

Teen Beauty: 12 Amazing Beauty Products I Can't Live Without
My teen contributor, Rosemary Timmons, 15 of Seattle, put this list together of her and her friends' favorite makeup products.

How to Apply Makeup
Learn how to apply makeup in 12 easy steps starting with a flawless face, moving on to the eyes and then ending with the mouth. I share my best tips and tricks from my many years as a beauty editor.

Where to Find Oil Blotting Sheets
Oil blotting sheets are used to soak up oils on the face. Find out where to Find Oil Blotting Sheets.

Prom's Here: 10 Makeup and Nail Tips
Prom Makeup and Nail Tips

6 Beauty Secrets I Swear By
Recently I was interviewed for an article on a Website about my biggest beauty secrets. Find out my no. 1 beauty secret, the one product every woman should have in her purse and what about beauty surprised me the most when I became a beauty guide.

How to Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes
You have exactly five minutes before rushing out the door. Here are the steps you can follow to apply your makeup in as little as five minutes.

What's the Shelf Life of Ordinary Makeup?
Find out how long mascara, foundation & lipstick can last before you need to throw it out.

Thou Shalt Not Play Up Both the Eyes & the Mouth
Getting ready to go out & want your makeup to look perfect? The secret when applying makeup is not to let your eyes & your mouth compete. You'll want to play up (read more)...

How to Make Up Your Eyes in 8 Steps
How to Make Up Your Eyes in 8 Steps

Make Your Eyes Looks Closer Together, Farther Apart, Bigger, Rounder or Oval
Not everyone is born with the perfect face. If you asked your friends most of them would say they felt their eyes were too close together, too far apart, too squinty or... well you get the picture. (I personally think my eyes are too close together).

In this article, I show you how to make eyes look closer together, farther apart, bigger, rounder or less wide set.

How to Use an Eyelash Curler
These little tricks -- such as heating your curler first -- will help make your eyes appear brighter & wider.

Lip Gloss Trick
Here's a trick for you: Apply a dab of gloss over your lipstick. Find out how...

Top 5 Tips for Prom Makeup
Here are 5 prom makeup tips to live by. Find out the 3 things you need before you take a photo, why you have to pick either your lips or your eyes (never both) & why your favorite celebrity can play into your night.

How to Apply Blush
Nothing brings a dull, drowsy face to life faster than a quick sweep of blush. Here's how to apply it.

How to Look Older
Help! I'm 19 but I look 12

Bobbi Brown Makeup Tips for Teens
Bobbi Brown sits down for a chat & answers your burning questions about makeup for teens. At what age should teens start wearing makeup? Is dark red lipstick a no-no? What are the essential beauty products every teen needs? Find out the answers to these questions & more.

How to Apply Foundation
How do you apply foundation? I'll show you how to apply it in the morning so it looks flawless and stays on all day.

Best Blushes for Every Price Range
Find out the most popular blush on the market, from drugstore buys to department store scores. Get the scoop on powder, liquid and even stick blushes and pick the one that's best for you.

Rosemary Timmons, About.com Teen Contributor
Rosemary Timmons, About.com Teen Contributor

Interview With Gabrielle Bernstein, Author of "Spirit Junkie"
I recently sat down with Gabrielle Bernstein, author of Spirit Junkie, and got her insight on both inner and outer beauty plus her favorite skincare, makeup and hair products.

Makeup Application: What's the Best Way to Apply Makeup?
There's actually an order in which you should apply makeup. I share these and a few techniques that will change up your makeup routine.

How to Avoid Cake Face
Just what is "cake face"? It's when someone wears too much foundation and concealer. Find out how to avoid your own cake face mishap in this article from About.com.

Acne & Teens: How to Treat Pimples (& Cover Them Up)
Find out how to combat acne, cover it up with makeup and what causes it in the first place in this comprehensive article.

Can I Wear Makeup If I Have Pimples?
Find out if you can wear makeup if you have a pimple or acne problem.

Makeup Tips by Hair Color
Find out what makeup shades work best with brown, blonde, red and gray hair.

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