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Most Flattering Glasses for You


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Why Red Frames Are More Youthful Than Gray Frames
Most Flattering Glasses for You

Sally Jesse Raphael

Andy Kropa // Getty Images
Sally Jesse Raphael has been wearing signature red frames for decades now. These are extra-thick and work well with her hair and lipstick. According to Marc, red frames (and orange, brown and burgundies), are more youthful than blue, gray and steel frames, which can make you look older than you are. See my list of makeup tips for older women for more advice on how to look younger.

Why I love this style:

I actually think the earrings or the scarf needs to go. Paired with the glasses, it's simply too much. But I do like that Raphael has stuck with a signature look all these years and I wonder if she ever wants to be anonymous and when she does, does she leave the house in contacts?

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