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How to Make Lips Appear Fuller


How to Make Lips Appear Fuller
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To make your lips appear fuller, try a lip gloss or go several shades darker on lips. Rich red shades make lips look fuller than neutral ones.

For longer-lasting full lips, try lip creams that contain peptides or other collagen boosters. Ladies' Home Journal beauty editors suggest you try: Z. Bigatti Re-Storation Lip Pout Lip Treatment, E.I. Solutions Lip Refine or Modele Collagen Lip Treatment. All of these are under $50. But beware, I've tried these and found lip plumpers to have minimal, temporary results at best. You won't get a long-lasting plump with these, which is why I believe they haven't caught on as they would have if they really worked.

For permanent pout, you might consult a plastic surgeon about lip plumpers using Restylane. Results can last up to 6 months. Up to you if the cost (and the possible lip deformation) is worth it. I think I'll stick with lip gloss. See my list of the best ones.

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