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Lipstick: Best Products on the Market, Top 10 Lists & More

Everything you want to know about lipstick: the best buys on the markets, what colors are 'in', plus fun tips & tricks such as the answer to this question, "How much lipstick does the average woman eat a year?"

How Can I Keep Lipstick Off My Teeth?
How Can I Keep Lipstick Off My Teeth? Here's a trick the models use.

How to Get Lipstick to Last
How to Get Lipstick to Last -- Lipstick doesn't last forever but it will last hours longer if you try this trick

15 Lipstick Tricks & Tips
Rona Berg, in her book, "The Beauty Basics," lists a bunch of great lipstick tips & tricks I want to share with you. I've added a few of my own too. Follow these lipstick tips & tricks and you'll save money, you'll look prettier & you're lipstick will last longer.

How to Wear Red Lipstick
Why is it that red lipstick never seems to go out of style? Red is still hot for spring, according to the fashion magazines. But how to wear it?

Where Does Lipstick Go When it Wears Off?
Where does lipstick go when it wears off? The average woman consumes over 6 pounds of lipstick over her lifetime.

How to Make Lips Appear Plumper
You can create the appearance of full, gorgeous lips using my contouring method. Find out how in these step-by-step instructions.

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