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20 Classy, Pinned-Back Hairstyles for Prom


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Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale

Jon Kopaloff for Getty Images
One of the issues you grapple with around prom is should you do a full updo or wear your hair down. The pinned-back option allows you to have a bit of the drama of the upswept updo while showing off your healthy, gorgeous hair. And we all know guys tend to prefer hair worn down.

Wearing hair pinned back for prom remains a popular option this year. And there are a ton of options for half-up/half-down hair or simple pinned-back looks. In this photo gallery, I show off a ton of great hairstyles fresh from red carpets in the past few months.

You can wear hair straight, wavy or curly for the pinned look. As for the pinning itself, you can use jeweled barrettes, feathers, a headband or a simple rubber band camouflaged by a flower, a jeweled barrette.

This look works as well on any hair that's long enough to be pinned back.

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