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Halloween Hair and Makeup


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How to Dress Like a Geisha for Halloween: Hair and Makeup Tips
Halloween Hair and Makeup
Junko Kimura // Getty Images
To get this geisha look you'll want a gorgeous silk robe (try the kimono robes at PearlRiver.com). Cinch your waist with a sash and wear dainty slippers.

For hair, invest in a geisha wig. You can see by this picture that even the real geishas wear wigs. Secure silk orchids in hair.

For makeup, mix cold cream with cornstarch to create the white foundation. You may need to add water for the perfect consistency. Cover even your brows. Powder your face with flour.

For eyes, apply a liquid liner only to top lids. Do not wear mascara, because you see here, the lashes are not highlighted. Apply bright red eyeliner or eye shadow to the inside corners of eyes and as eyeliner along the bottom of eyes as shown here.

Draw a straight brow over your own brow, careful not to create a curve. Shade in the brow with the pink or red eyeshadow.

Cover lips with concealer and the white cornstarch mixture. Draw in a bow-lip with cherry red lip liner, making sure to go outside the lip as shown here. Color in with red lipstick.

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