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Hairstyles for Women Over Age 50


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Jane Fonda's Hairstyles

Jane Fonda's hairstyles

Bertrand Rindoff for Getty Images

Jane Fonda (born December 21, 1937) has been wearing a version of the shag hairstyle pictured above since the 2000 Oscars, according to her hairstylist Matthew Shields in the Hollywood Reporter.

"We’ve been playing around and tweaking the style for the past two years. This new version is straighter and smoother around her neck and chin. But it still has that messy bedroom, just been you-know-what look that she loves. I used a razor to create more texture in the hair so the style has some depth," says Shields.

Shields tells AARP that unlike other women of her age (Fonda is in her 70s), Fonda is not afraid to embrace a youthful, sexier hairstyle which means "looser" than the heavier, coiffed looks of her peers.

As for color, Fonda's colorist, Negin Zand, says he lightened the tips of Fonda's hair to give it dimension and "pop." He suggests older women not be afraid to go lighter, which can make them appear more youthful.

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