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Gorgeous Hairstyles for Older Women


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Camilla Parker Bowles, wife of Prince Charles
Camilla, wife of Prince Charles


Dan Kitwood // Getty Images

Camilla's hairstylist, Jo Hansford, said Camilla is quite lovely to work with and very funny. Hansford, who has also worked with Gwyneth Paltrow, Nigella Lawson and Angelina Jolie, said this to the UK's Telegraph about working with celebrities, "The A-listers are fine and unpretentious; it's the D- and E-listers who are nightmares."


A session with Camilla's colorist will set you back about £500, and if you sit in her seat and you have gray hair, you might very likely end up blonde as Hansford tells the Telegraph she's not a fan of gray hair. At all. "It's just so aging! You look at people who have it and you just think: 'Seriously? Why? We all have to grow old, but we don't have to be boring. We all have to be glamorous.'"

Read the full interview here.

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