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Gray Hair: Photos of Gray Hairstyles (Gallery 1 of 2)


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Emmylou Harris's Gorgeous Gray Mane
Gray Hair: Photos of Gray Hairstyles (Gallery 1 of 2)

Emmylou Harris

Michael Loccisano
More and more women are deciding to let their gray hair go for many reasons: they have gorgeous gray coloring, they don't want the hassle and expense of covering up gray or they want to embrace life as it develops, wrinkles, gray hair and all.

Many of the photos in this gallery are of women who have done just that -- let their hair go gray, but there are photos of women who cover their gray with blonde hair dye (blonde is usually a good choice for covering gray since it's closer to gray than brown or black). In this gallery, I'll share tips on how to cover up your grays, how to solve the "growing in roots" problem and how to maintain your gray hair if you've decided to go au natural.

If you decide to embrace your natural shade, keep in mind that you will likely have to endure a 6-12 month awkward period as your new natural hair grows in. You can cut your hair short or slowly cut off as much of the previously colored hair as possible so the new growth blends in more quickly.

NYC stylist and salon owner Eva Scrivo warns that some stylists will suggest applying a semi-permanent hair color over your hair to make it blend in better. "Don't do it," she writes in her book, "Eva Scrivo on Beauty." A semi-permanent dye cannot cover gray hair and can stain hair. Also as the color fades it can leave a yellow tint on gray hair. In the meantime, enjoy these other galleries:

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