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Hair Color: Photos of Blonde, Brunette, Black & Red Hair Colors


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Blonde Highlights
Hair Color: Photos of Blonde, Brunette, Black & Red Hair Colors

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Hair Color Tip No. 9: Got Fine Hair? Get Thee to the Colorist

If you have fine hair, adding any color will give your hair body because coloring causes your hair's shafts to swell. If you have a good blonde hair base, you're best bet is to get highlights, not overall color because strips of color is much better than one-dimensional color.

Ask your stylist about lowlights. Lowlighting means darker strands are woven into the lighter ones creating more depth and drama.

If you use traditional foil methods for your highlights, keep in mind these are harder to care for once your roots grow out. Foil highlights require precision application, which makes fixing dark roots costly. However, if you go with widely-spaced, less structured pieces of color (called 'hair painting' or 'balayage,' touch-ups will be easier.

You can opt for either full or partial highlights. Partial means the stylist sticks to the top part of your head, instead of highlighting all over. If you have thick hair, you'll want to go partial otherwise you'll be there forever. In summer, ask your stylist to color the hair that shows when you wear a ponytail.

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