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How to Wear a Ponytail


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The Cheerleader Ponytail
How to Wear a Ponytail

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A super-high ponytail will take years off your face, but if you have excessive widows' peaks at your crown or if you have a big forehead, this look can be unattractive. To see if you're a bad candidate, pull hair back and look in the mirror, if hairline starts high at the top of your head, this look can bring too much attention to your forehead.

How to get the cheerleader ponytail:

Step 1: Blow-dry hair using mousse or spray for volume, then pull hair high on top of head (above your eyes). The sleeker, the better, so brush out any bumps.
Step 2: Secure with a thick elastic band. For added bounce, tease the hair right at the elastic.
Step 3: Skip the bow, but spritz with hairspray. Try a headband for a super-trendy look.

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