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How to Wear a Ponytail


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The Rumpled Ponytail
How to Wear a Ponytail

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The perfect weekend or after work hairstyle. This look works best with unwashed hair, which we find most manageable. How to get it:

Step 1: Start with unwashed hair or get the messy look by spraying roots with volumizer and airdrying hair, or blowdrying using your fingers instead of a brush. Scrunch hair as you dry.
Step 2: Part hair slightly off-center (parting in the middle is also trendy). For an extra funky look, create a zig-zag part in your hair with a comb.
Step 3: Rake hair back at the nape of your neck. Fasten the tail lightly so that it sits slightly below the middle of the back of your head.
Step 4: For more fullness, secure four or five bobby pins just above the elastic. This way you get a fuller look. Scrunch the tail once it's in place.

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