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Hairstyles for Oval Faces: The 20 Most Flattering Cuts


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The Right and Wrong Way to Wear Bangs

Maria Sharapova with bubble bangs on the left and correctly dried bangs on the right

Getty Images: Photos by Gustavo Caballero & Julian Finney

Bangs are totally hot and if you have an oval face, you can get away with all bang types: brow-skimming bangs, long, side-swept bangs, short bangs, heavy bangs, etc.

The key to bangs is to make sure they aren't too short, or they'll look dated as in the picture on the left. The best bangs are brow-skimming and a bit longer on the ends than in the middle. Also consider long, side-swept bangs, which can hide a high forehead while showing off the eyes. Learn more in Best Bangs by Face Shape.

Everything I know about bangs you'll find in this lineup:

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