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Yikes! The Creepiest (& Coolest) Hair for Halloween


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Dress Like Snooki of "Jersey Shore"
Yikes! The Creepiest (& Coolest) Hair for Halloween

Nicole Polizzi "Snooki"

Jason Merritt//Getty
This is likely to be a popular costume this year and if you have some curves, you should flaunt them as Snooki for Halloween.

Clothes: Tight, tight is the name of the game. Underneath, wear a push-up bra and stuff it if necessary (do whatever it takes to generate cleavage). Stuff yourself into a tight, super-short dress (extra points for cheetah or sparkly prints).

Shoes: Super high, strappy black, gold or silver heels. Dark nail polish or a French pedicure (eeek).

Body: Spray tan is a must. Over this, apply glitter body oil or lotion for extra glam.

Face: The smokey eye is a must with false eyelashes. Light lipstick.

Jewelry: Big rings, big necklaces or big glittery bangles.

Hair: Long hair is a must, so straighten hair with a flat-iron or buy a wig. Gotta get a pouf. Try Bumpits to add body up top. Pull back hair on sides.

Your friend can buy himself a 6-pack and go as Mike "The Situation."

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