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Photos of Famous Brunettes


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Famous Brunettes: Penelope Cruz
Photos of Famous Brunettes

Actress Penelope Cruz

Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images
Look at that long, thick, naturally wavy hair. Who knows how much of it is real, but Penelope Cruz's hair is drop-dead gorgeous.

For this look:

Ask for caramel highlights if you have dark hair. A few strands around the face would be gorgeous. I recommend the balayage method when getting highlights on dark hair.

Long hair requires some layers to keep it from going limp and A-line (pouffy at the bottom). Ask for long layers that hit at the chin and the collarbone. Shorter hair? Start the layers at the cheekbone.

Long, side-swept bangs are flattering on thick long hair, such as Cruz's.

Don't grow your hair this long if your face is long, or oblong. This look better suits heart-face shaped girls and those with round faces. Long hair draws down an already long face.

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