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The Perfect Haircut

This Haircut Looks Great on Almost Every Face Shape


Jennifer Aniston's shoulder-length hair

Jennifer Aniston with layered, shoulder-length hair

Jason Merritt // Getty Images
Thandie Newton's shoulder-length hairstyle

Thandie Newton's hairstyle is a great example fo the perfect haircut.

Astrid Stawiarz // Getty Images
Jessica Biel's shoulder-length hair

Jessica Biel has long waves and added side-swept bangs here.

Matt Carr // Getty

The beauty editors at Allure magazine recently confessed their "untold secrets." One of my favorites was their advice on the perfect haircut. According to Allure, shaggy, layered, shoulder-length haircuts like these are the most flattering on every face shape.

They're right. Not only is shoulder-length hair flattering, but it's popular. In fact, it's so so popular right now, celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Ali Larter, Brooklyn Decker and Olivia Munn have all gone the shoulder-length route and there are several versions within my list of the 20 Hottest Hairstyles for 2013 gallery.

So how to get it? I outline the rules to live by below. But in the meantime, don't miss my photo gallery featuring 19 Examples of the Most Flattering Haircut on Everyone.

Layering is Key

One-length hair is great for super-fine hair, but doesn't work on everyone. Long layers are the key to the perfect haircut because they add body to flat hair, texture to thick hair and control to curly hair.

Be careful not too layer too much in back. Too many layers and you may end up with a mullet, a heavy top and straggly, anemic ends. Layers should be cut in the front to frame the face. If you have short hair, don't let your stylist cut layers above the eye. If you have long hair, never allow layers above your earlobe or you risk a dated look.

Shoulder-Length is the Most Flattering Length

Long hair has always been popular, but shoulder-length hair (or just a couple inches below) is actually the most flattering look on most women. If you have a long face, long hair can make your face appear even longer. If you have thin or flat hair, long hair can drag it down, making it even more lifeless. Wavy hair can look unkempt too long and curly hair can get out of control.

According to Allure's editors, few women over age 18 can get away with hair that falls below their breasts. (Sorry Demi).

Bangs Can Freshen Up Any Boring Hairstyle

Adding bangs like these to most hairstyle can freshen them up. I love long, sideswept bangs, but blunt bangs that are just a bit longer on the sides are also great. If you have curly hair, bangs aren't always your best option, so consider your hair texture being seizing those scissors!

See photos of hairstyles with bangs, Best Bangs by Face Shape and How to Properly Blow Dry Bangs So You Don't End Up With "Bubble Bangs".

Should You Part in the Middle or on the Side?

Some women, particularly those with square face shapes, look awesome with middle parts. Hello Gwyneth Paltrow! But women with oval or long face shapes do not. You're better off with a side part.

Don't believe me? Check out Kate Middleton's bad middle part.

Go for the "U or the V-shaped" Cut

If you must retain long hair, keep the back longer than the front by asking your stylist to cut your hair in a U or V shape. This mean shorter on the sides and front than in the back. This allows for extra length without leaving you looking too "high school," plus it's a classic look for long hair that's universally considered sexy.

For examples of this perfect haircut, see 19 Examples of the Most Flattering Haircut on Everyone

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