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Before You Buy Shampoo & Conditioner


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There are literally 100s of shampoos & conditioners on the market. So how to pick the best ones for you? Here we break down the key points to consider....before you buy.

Expensive vs. Inexpensive

Is there really a difference between a $2 shampoo and a $20 bottle from your salon? Well yes, and no. Some cheap shampoos contain foaming agents which can dry out the hair. This is good for oily, limp hair. If your hair is sun-damaged, chlorine-damaged or color-damaged then you should invest in a more expensive shampoo. You really should see if the inexpensive shampoos & conditioners work for you and if they don't, or if your hair still appears limp or damaged, you should try a salon product.


The Right Ingredients

The many names of ingredients on bottles can be confusing. But it's true the right ingredients make all the difference. Rather than pay attention to the names on the bottles, pay more attention to the ingredients. Does the shampoo include a mild cleanser like sodium laureth sulfate or a stronger one like ammonium lauryl sulfate? See this article for exactly what to look for in your products.


Children's Shampoos

Forget the cute bottles and pretty colors. That is the last thing that should concern you. Instead, look at the product. You want it as free as possible from coloring and fragrance. Those ingredients are not necessary. And just because a product claims to be mild, does not make it so. Look at the ingredients.


    Dandruff Shampoo

    The best remedy for dandruff is to rotate three over-the-counter dandruff shampoos -- one containing salicylic acid (to exfoliate), one containing selenium sulfide (to soothe) and a third containing pyrithione zinc (an anti-inflammatory) interspersing them with regular shampoo. A trio of treatments is most effects because if you use only one the fungus could adapt and become immune to it.


      Colored Hair

      If your hair is colored, you really should consider a shampoo that is specially designed for colored hair. This is because the shampoos are made to be more gentle on your hair & will contain ingredients to preserve color.


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