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Essential Oils by Skin Type

What works best for oily, combo or dry skin?


A few drops of essential oils in your homemade face masks can turn an ordinary mask into a spa-like experience. But figuring out which essential oils work best on skin types can be confusing. We did the research and came up with this list.

Not sure your skin type? Find out what it is in my article, How to Tell What Type of Skin You Have.

Essential Oils by Skin Type

You can find these by capsules in health food stores or in bottles with droppers

Normal skin Atlas cedarwood, geranium, jasmine, lavender, soy, neroli, evening primrose, almond, orange, geranium, palmarosa, roman chamo, rose, rosewood, Ylang-ylang, tea tree

Combination skinGeranium, rosewood, Ylang-ylang, rose geranium hydrosol, neroli hydrosol

Dry and aging skinAlmond, carrot seed, cedarwood, clary, jasmine, geranium, lavender, orange, Palma rose, neroli, castor, extra virgin, wheat germ, sandalwood, rosewood, rose, Vetiver, Ylang-ylang

Oily skin Cedarwood, geranium, Clary, lavender, Ylang-ylang, lemon, peppermint, Niaouli, Cajeput, cypress, frankincense, patchouli, Roman & German chamos, sandalwood, juniper, Melisa, coriander, lime (distilled), grapefruit,rose, rosemary, eucalyptus, red mandarine, myrtle, neroli

Sensitive skin Roman & German chamomile, rose, Palma Rosa, Helichrysum, neroli, rosewood, carrot, angelica, jasmine, Neroli, Chamomile or Yarrow Hydrosols

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