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Celebrity Hair Tricks & Makeup Tips

Photo galleries of the hottest celebrities today. Plus, makeup and style tips from the red carpet.

Golden Globes 2013 Best & Worst Beauty
Who looked hot and who did not on the 2013 Golden Globes red carpet? We've got the full rundown.

Farrah Fawcett Photos -- Photos of Farrah Fawcett Over the Years
Farrah Fawcett Photos -- Photos of Farrah Fawcett Over the Years

Linda Evangelista Hair Over the Years
Linda Evangelista Hair Over the Years

Oh No She Didn't! Celebrity Beauties Gone Wrong
Who sported a bad manicure? Who else walked the red carpet in bouffant hair and a terrible dress? And what celebrity's face looks 15 years younger than her back? Find out here...

A look back at Michelle Obama's Makeup and Hair
A look back at Michelle Obama's Makeup and Hair

Emmys 2012 Best & Worst Beauty
See who looked hot and who did not.

Michelle Obama Hair and Makeup
Michelle Obama Hair and Makeup

Golden Globes 2009: Best and Worst Red Carpet
Golden Globes 2009: Best and Worst Red Carpet

Emmys 2008 Red Carpet Best and Worst
Emmys 2008 Red Carpet Best and Worst

Photos of Celebrity Hairstyles
Photos of celebrity hairstyles, red carpet looks, updos and more. See 100s of your favorite celebrities and their hairstyles.

How to Get Miley Cyrus Hair
Miley Cyrus Hair -- See photos of Miley Cyrus's hair over the years and find out how to get Miley Cyrus hair

Angela Bassett: Short-short, very boyish

Angelina Jolie: Long, brown with just a bit of wave in it

Anna Kournikova: Extensions down to her butt (almost)

Anne Slater: A great look for anyone over age 65

Ashlee Simpson: Scarily blonde (a wig? A wig!)

Ashlee Simpson: Sporting braids pre-nose job

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen: Just a tad hippy-dippy

Beyonce: Long extensions with Jennifer Hudson

Blythe Danner: Gwynnie's mom does curly hair well

Brittany Murphy: Sporting the pinned-back bangs look

Cameron Diaz: Golden Globes horror show

Catherine Deneuve: Oh so "Ladies Who Lunch"

Charlize Theron: All gussied up

Diane Sawyer: The classic bob

Ellen Barkin: A bob that looks great at any age

Ellen Pompeo: Example of how to look 20 years older

Eva Pigford: Boyish, yet bad-ass, and we love the color

Giselle Bundchen: Her version of beachy waves

Helen Mirren: No helmet head here

Helen Mirren: Silver fox (is her color natural?)

Helen Mirren: Suburban or Wall Street?

Hilary Duff: Long, side-swept bangs, hair just a tad fried

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Oh so very Charlie's Angels, yes?

Jane Alexander: The look we want when we're 60

Jennifer Aniston: The long, beachy waves everyone went ga-ga for

Jennifer Lopez: Shoulder-sweeping and sophisticated

Jenny McCarthy: At Katie Holmes' wedding to Tom Cruise

Jessica Biel: Yeah, not a fan of side tendrils

Jessica Simpson: Beachy waves

Judi Dench: As Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby

Kate Bosworth: Just-off-the-beach waves

Kate Bosworth: Somewhere between short and medium

Katherine Heigl: On the Oscars Red Carpet 2008

Kirsten Dunst: Love the flapper curls here

Kristin Callaveri: Kinda cute, kinda Zzzzzzzzzz

Kylie Minogue: Her post-breast cancer 'do

Lindsay Lohan: Sultry and sophisticated updo

Lindsay Lohan: Very Daisy-Duke-moved-to-a-trailer-park

Mandy Moore: Her short phase which didn't last long

Mandy Moore: Think these blonde waves are extensions?

Maria Shriver: Long, thick, tousled. This lady's over 50???

Michelle Williams: The short cut she quickly grew out

Natalie Imbruglia: Cute, but a wee too "soccer mommy"

Natalie Portman: A perfect pixie

Nicole Richie: The bob everyone went ga-ga for

Nicole Richie: The Farrah Fawcett waves
Nicole Ritchie Hair -- Get Her Look

Oprah Winfrey: Sporting one of her many bobs

Penelope Cruz: Flamenco-style

Reese Witherspoon: The bangs I coveted for months

Renee Zellweger: Looks better from the front

Renee Zellweger: When she went super short

Rihanna: Short bob with blunt bangs

Sienna Miller: There she goes a'yodeling

The Arquette Sisters: Zzzzz...

Vanessa Redgrave: Sleek, silver and sophisticated

Vanessa Williams: Did she pop out of a Pillsbury Dough can?

Victoria Beckham's Formal Hairstyle (Next Up: Her Iconic Shag Hairstyle)
Victoria Beckham's Formal Hairstyle

Victoria "Posh" Beckham The 'do that got our attention

Victoria "Posh" Beckham: The haircut that got America's attention

Photos of Nazanin Boniadi
See a photo gallery featuring Nazanin Boniadi, the woman at the center of a Vanity Fair expose of Tom Cruise's "wife auditions."

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles: 20 of Her Most Iconic Hairstyles
Jennifer Aniston's hair has been in the limelight since she debuted her signature cut "The Rachel" on "Friends." These days she sports beachy bronde hair. See how her hair has transformed over the years.

Photos: Prince William and Kate Middleton Visit North America
This is not your typical Prince William and Kate Middleton photo gallery. These 20 photos documenting the Duke and Duchess's visit to Canada and California show off their intimate glances, Kate's fashion choices including her flyaway skirt, their connections with celebrities and regular people and much, much more.

Best and Worst of Beauty 2012

19 Hairstyles Women in Their 20s Can Get Away With
In this gallery I feature gorgeous haircuts for women in their 20s including long, beachy waves, the classic bob, the shag and shoulder-length cuts.

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