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Foundation: Top Picks for Every Skin Type

Foundations for oily skin, dry skin & more


Best Affordable Foundation Powder: MAC Studio Fix

We've used this powder foundation for years. The trick is to find the right shade. MAC Studio Fix is perfect for women with oily skin who want to minimize the appearance of large pores. Keep in mind you might need different shades for the different seasons of the year -- you're usually a bit darker in summer.

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Best Foundation for African-American Skin: Iman Second to None Cream to Powder

Gives the flawless look you want, with a truly natural appearance yet covers imperfections perfectly. Reviewers love it's velvety creamy consistency. This foundation works on all skin types and comes in 8 shades: Clay 1, 2, 5 for medium skin tones and Earth 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for dark to deep skin tones.

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Best Foundation With SPF: Philosophy "The Supernatural"

This foundation is one of the best rated and most popular on Drugstore.com. We gave it a whirl and loved how light it went on without being greasy in our t-zone spots. No wonder this foundation is much-beloved. Plus, we love that it is SPF 15.

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Another Great Tinted Moisturizer: Clarins Hydra-Care

Clarins consistently impresses. You'll find these light, tinted moisturizers offer great coverage without feeling heavy. And there's no better tanning product out there than Clarins. Here, you'll get the moisturizer and the tan without the need for a heavy foundation.

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Best Cream Foundation: Cover Girl Aquasmooth

Cream foundations offer the best of both worlds to women with dry, flaky skin: Total coverage and rich moisturizers.

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Best Cream-to-Powder Foundations: Vincent Longo Water Canvas

This base delivers a great matte, even finish. You'll find it lighter than the creams so it's perfect for women with normal to oily skin. But a warning: This foundation can show off your dry skin and blemishes. You'll want to apply it with a sponge.

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Best "Green" Foundation: Korres Wild Rose Foundation

So many of my friends want natural, organic products in their makeup cabinets and this is the foundation I direct them to. The coverage is excellent, it provides 20 SPF and it's made of ingredients that won't break you out. It does have Wild Rose extract, which is a potent source of Vitamin C, so there are some anti-aging benefits. Users report the coverage lasts a long time, but might not be thick enough for those with blemishes or acne. You might need a thicker formula. Paraben- and sulfate-free. Also an Allure Magazine "best buy."

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Best Illuminating Foundation: Joe Blasco Creme Foundation

When gorgeous women share their beauty secrets, I take note. French performer Arielle Dombasle is married to philosopher Henri-Bernard Levi and is absolutely gorgeous. She says the secret to her beauty is being in love (oh, gag) and she notes in Marie Claire magazine a few of her other helpers, including this foundation which she says she was turned on to by a movie makeup artist. "It's incredible," says Dombasle, "it literally brings the light to your whole face."

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