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Hair Care

47 of my best hair care tips in one spot


It's important to know proper hair care since many of us spend a lot of money on our hair (except my neighbor who gets amazing $20 haircuts in Chinatown).

Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, long hair or short, here are my best hair care tips compiled in one spot.


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When I had bangs, I simply could not be bothered to traipse by subway over to the Bowery to get my bangs trimmed even though the service was free. As a result, my hair never looked as good as it could -- until I learned to do it myself. Find out salon secrets to doing your own hair care yourself:

Common How-tos

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I learned how add body to my hair by watching my mother. Every morning after curling her hair, she used a comb to "back-comb" her hair, giving her otherwise limp hair tons of body. Where she learned it, I have no idea since she was wasn't the sort to read beauty magazines.

In honor of Mom, here are some of my favorite hair care how-tos:

Best Hair Products

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I hate the hair product upsell salons subject us to. I know they have to do it, but the truth is, you can find some great hairstyling products in your local drugstore. Whether you're looking to add body to limp hair (my problem) or you want to smooth out your frizzy locks, these are your best bets, sorted by hair type.

Best Shampoos & Conditioners

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I'm addicted to my $80 ginormous bottle of Kerastase, but I know many beauty editors who still swear by Pantene. Here are lists of the best products on the market, both splurges and steals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have tried to go a week without washing my hair and it was a gross, greasy mess. Washing hair once a week works for women with dry hair, but does not work well for oily hair girls like me. So is it really that bad to wash your hair daily? I answer this question and many more in the following FAQs.

All About Hair Color

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I'm a big fan of baliage because it suits my hair type better than all over color and foils. But what about you? Can you get away with doing your own color? Can you go blonde? Should you opt for baliage or foil highlights? And how to cover those grays that are popping up like weeds in a perfectly manicured garden? You'll find all these answers and more in the following articles.

Best Hair Styling Tools

I'm a sucker for an ionic hair dryer. Now that I have one and it takes me only 5 minutes to blow my shoulder-length hair dry, I could never go back to the cheaper non-ionic versions. Here are my lists of the best hairstyling tools on the market, you'll find both splurges and steals.

Caring for Curly Hair

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My friends with curly hair have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. Some swear by "no-poo" shampoos, others go to special salons like Devachan in NYC that focus on curly hair. Others get their curly hair straightened via the controversial Brazilian blowout method.

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