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How to Look Younger -- Hair and Makeup Tricks


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Are Your Hairstyle and Makeup Aging You? Demi Moore in 1993
How to Look Younger -- Hair and Makeup Tricks

Demi Moore in 1993

Makeup and hairstylists know the truth that we sometimes ignore: The heavier your makeup, the older you look. Here, we show you some of the hottest actresses of our time and how they can look 10 years older than they are because of bad hair and makeup.

The opposite happens as well -- the right hair and light touch with makeup can make older actresses appear ageless. Here we show you how to look younger.

Witness Demi Moore, back in 1993. Here, her skin is bright white, her lips too red, her brows untamed, her eye makeup garish. Moore is one of the rare actresses who gets better as she gets older, as you'll see in the next picture.

Beware: Too much powder, heavy eyeliner and super-white skin.

A better bet: Bronzed skin, light eyes and sheer lips.

Makeup tips that can help:

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