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Curly Hairstyles -- Photos of Curly Hairstyles


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Curly Hairstyles -- Photos of Curly Hairstyles

Paulina Rubio

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I got a letter once from someone dying for wavy hair, but her hair is stick-straight and won't hold a curl. Is there some sort of spray she needs, she wondered. Well yes, and no. While most hair has some natural curl in it, some of us have really, really straight hair that won't curl. The key to curl is product. Product allows curls to stay.

Step 1: Start with a thickening spray (I like Bumble and Bumble ) applied to wet hair at the crown and roots. Comb through.

Step 2: Blowdry hair then spritz styling spray to 2-inch sections before curling either with a curling iron or in hot rollers.

Step 3: Finger-comb hair and set with styling spray. If this doesn't work, don't fight it. Maybe curls aren't for you.

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