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Are you round, square, long, heart or oval?


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No. 6: The Oval Face
Are you round, square, long, heart or oval?
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You're an oval if the length of your face equals 1 1/2 times the width of your face.

Stop for a second and congratulate yourself. You've landed the most versatile face shape. You can wear almost any hairstyle. Just be careful, with a bad haircut, your face can start to look long. Like mine. But hey, life isn't so bad with a long face.

Styles That Work Best on an Oval Face

The oval face is the most versatile shape. You can pull off almost any look: short or long, straight or wavy or even one of the funkier, edgier hairstyles. To find your most flattering style, consider your best feature and highlight it with your hair cut.

See my photo gallery of best haircuts on oval face shapes

If you have gorgeous bone structure, consider an angular bob that shows off your chin. Great eyes? Blunt or side-swept bangs are a great bet. See my gallery of the best bangs by face shapes for more information on bangs.

Styles that are flattering and stylish: sophisticated bobs, bangs, long, beachy waves (think California surfer girl).

Styles To Avoid on an Oval Face

Short layers that add height on top of your head. Aside from being dated, short layers can make your face appear long. If your hair is thick or curly, avoid a blunt cut. You'll look like a pyramid. If you have curly hair, short hair is generally a no-no (see "10 Secrets to Styling Curly Hair"). Try shoulder-length or longer to weigh down curls.

Celebs Who Share Your Face Shape

Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Jada Pinkett Smith See photos of hairstyles that work (and don't work) on your face shape in Hairstyles for Oval Faces: The 20 Most Flattering Cuts.

Must-Have Products for an Oval Face

A great curling iron and a flat iron to create waves and straighten your sleek locks. Wear glasses? Find out which frames flatter your face shape in Best Glasses for Your Face Shape.
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