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Are you round, square, long, heart or oval?


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How to Measure Your Face to Determine Your Face Shape
Are you round, square, long, heart or oval?

From left to right: heart-shaped face, square face, round face, diamond face, long (or "oblong") face, oval face

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For years I thought I had an oval face. And then I learned when I was 17 (via Seventeen Magazine) that you can measure your face to determine your true face shape. After taking measurements, I learned I actually have a long face shape. You can just look at my photo on this page to see that's the truth. Who needs a measuring tape to figure that out? You probably do for you own face.

All people have one of 6 face shapes: round, square, long (or "oblong"), heart, diamond or oval. To figure out which one you are you'll need a ruler or a tape measure. Here we go, just be sure to write down the numbers for each step:

  • We'll start with the forehead. Measure across your forehead at the widest point.
  • Move on the cheeks. Measure the widest length across your cheekbones.
  • Now on to the jaw. Measure your jawline at its widest point.
  • Finally, we'll measure the length of your face by using the "cross shape method." Put the ruler just under the eyes and measure from ear to ear (stopping at where the ear begins). Then place the ruler at the top of your forehead at your hairline and measure to your chin. Your ratio will either be 1 (your width) to 1 1/2 (your length) or 1 to 1 or 1 to 2. More on this in the next slides.


Find Out Your Face Shape

Now that you've take your measurements, it's time to figure out what face shape you have. In the following slides, you'll learn more about each face shape and figure out which one maps to your face. You can jump ahead to any of them:


  1. The Heart-Shaped Face
  2. The Square Face
  3. The Round Face
  4. The Diamond Face
  5. The Long (or "Oblong") Face
  6. The Oval Face

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