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How to Cover Up Scars, Spider Veins or Varicose Veins


Dermablend Leg And Body Cover
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Spider and varicose veins are largely inherited but can be caused by pregnancy, age, obesity and prolonged standing. Veins and scars can be camouflaged with long-lasting body makeup specially formulated to cover tattoos, spider veins, scars, stretch marks and bruises.

You'll want to choose a concealer that matches the color of the skin on your legs (this will likely be different from your face). Once applied, body makeup should be set with a powder so it won't come off on your clothes.

The best body makeup on the market today is Dermablend Leg and Body Cover and Cover FX. Don't want to buy online? Check out Dermablend's store locator.

Can I Get My Spider or Varicose Veins Removed Permanently?

I used to have purple spider veins running down the sides of my legs. I had them successfully and permanently removed with sclerotherapy a few years ago at The Vein Treatment Center on Manhattan's Upper East Side. To this day, my legs are spider vein-free.

It was some of the best money I ever spent. 

You can have a dermatologist or vein specialist remove the veins from your legs. The process is involved and slightly painful, but after enduring it myself, I was very pleased with the results.

Find out all the details in my article, Sclerotherapy: I Got My Spider Veins Removed. Did It Work?

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