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The Right Way to Apply a Body Scrub


Kiehl's Body Scrub
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One of my favorite indulgences is a Korean body scrub. You literally get all the dead skin scrubbed off you in what seems like layers until you're left with baby smooth skin. To get the same results in your own bath, follow these tips:

The Right Scrub is Key

I prefer sugar scrubs to the drying salt scrubs. Be careful with the type of scrub you get, some cheap versions have large granules that can tear at the skin.

See my list of the Top 11 Body Scrubs & Bath Salts or make your own. Get recipes in My Best Body Scrub Recipes.

Use a Bath Mitt or Bath Gloves

I first tried bath gloves back in 1996 when I was visiting my friend Susan who was in grad school. She insisted I try hers (which in hindsight is kinda gross) because she swore they would change my life. They did. I've had a pair in my own shower ever since.

Nothing works better and you can throw them in the washing machine (let them air dry) when you need to.

Buy them online.

Scrub Towards Your Heart

This beauty secret of spas makes sense to me. Start at your feet and massage the scrub in a circular motion up the legs and the torso. Continue at your fingertips and massage up the arm.

Don't Scrub Every Day

Avoid over-exfoliating by scrubbing just a couple times a week. If you have sensitive skin, consider a lighter touch.

Don't Scrub After You Shave

You risk stinging your skin. I do, however, suggest a good scrub before you shave which will remove dead skin cells so they don't clog up your razor.

Slather on Oil After Your Bath

After a great scrub in the bath, I like to slather on extra virgin coconut oil. Any thick moisturizer or oils will work, but it's important to apply moisturizer after a good scrubbing.

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