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Sideswept Bangs: 20 Photos of Gorgeous Side-Swept Bangs


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Sideswept Bangs
Sideswept Bangs: 20 Photos of Gorgeous Side-Swept Bangs

Angela Simmons

Jason Kempin //Getty Images

Why get bangs? Oh, where do I begin...

Bangs are the great camouflage of the hair world. They can hide a large forehead and even a short one. They cover up fine lines and scars. They can immediately shave a few years off a look and transform a boring long hairstyle into something that looks purposeful. They bring attention to the eyes. They frame a face.

They are the perfect choice for a woman who wants to change her look but doesn't want to take off dramatic length. A few snips and you can look like an entirely different person.

And if you hate them or tire of them eventually, they grow out. Perfection.

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