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Bangs: 20 Great Hairstyles With Bangs


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Naomi Campbell's Blunt Bangs
Naomi Campbell's Blunt Bangs

Naomi Campbell

Rabbani and Solimene // Getty
I am soooo in love with Naomi Campbell's blunt bangs here, so in love I got this hairstyle myself on my last visit to Eva Scrivo Salon in NYC.

This look works best on straight hair, however. If you have super thick, wavy hair or curly hair, bangs are simply not your best option. They'll tend to frizz up on when you blow dry them straight and while flat-ironing may work, the minute any moisture hits the air, your fabulous fringe will frizz up on you making you appear dated.

With blunt bangs and brow-skimming bangs you'll have to get trims every couple weeks or so. One alternative is to learn How to Trim Your Own Bangs.

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