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Best Bangs by Face Shape


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What Bangs Work Best for Your Face Shape?
Best Bangs by Face Shape

Model Agyness Deyn has a long face shape. These sideswept bangs look great on her.

Jamie McCarthy // Getty

Ahhhh, bangs (or "fringe" if you live in the UK). Bangs can make a boring cut edgy. They can take years off a face and they bring attention to the eyes. They are flattering on all face shapes. The catch is finding the right bangs for your face shape. Your goal is to make your long or round or square or heart-shaped face appear as oval as possible. And you can do that with bangs.

In this photo gallery, I outline what types of bangs work best on each face shape and why. But first, make sure you know your face shape. To find out your face shape, see How to Measure Your Face to Determine Your Face Shape. Also, not everyone should worry about her face shape, find out if you should in Does Your Face Shape Really Matter?

While you may not need to worry about face shape, you should consider hair texture when it comes to bangs. If you have curly hair, you should avoid bangs period, no matter your face shape. Bangs just pouf up on you. Also keep in mind that bangs take maintenance. I always recommend learning How to Trim Your Own Bangs. And if you do get bangs, you must, must, must learn how to blow dry them properly. Too many women suffer from Bubble Bangs syndrome, which happens when they dry their bangs under with a round brush. Do NOT COMMIT THIS ACT. Find out how to properly blow dry bangs in How to Blow Dry Bangs.

Now onto the fun stuff. First up, let's talk about square face shapes.....

See my galleries of bang hairstyles:

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