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Guide Picks - Top Ten Resolutions
It's time to make a few changes for the better. Here are ten beauty resolutions that I think you will make your own.
1) Tossing Old Mascara by Your Beauty Guide
We really must get into the habit of throwing away mascara that is over 4 months old. I know that it can be a hard thing to do, but think about the bacteria that has been growing in there... and it IS growing in there. Every time you use your mascara, new bacteria finds its way into the tube. That means that the bacteria is also being introduced to the eye area every time you apply a new application. All it takes is one scratch to the eye surface and the bacteria does it damage.
2) Go For a Walk by Ali
Go for a walk at least once a day. It can be around the block or around the neighborhood. It's an easy way to burn off a few calories, not to mention meet a few new people. Ali
3) Watch What You Eat by Beckie
It is very easy to lose track of what you eat during a 24 hour period. A few chips here and a cookie there really adds up. I now keep a food journal. Writing everything down helps you to control these snack attacks. Instead of a cookie, I now reach for a piece of fruit. Beckie
4) Making a Conscious Effort by Janice
I want gorgeous nails, but mine always seem a mess. Some are bitten, hangnails are a regular occurrance, I just can't win. And then I realized that most of it is my own fault. My resolution is to give myself a manicure every Sunday night. I am hoping that with an effort, I will see some improvements. Janice
5) Breakfast Reading by Marion
While eating breakfast, I am going to read one beauty article. In a year, I should know quite a lot. Marion
6) Nightly Handcare by Bobbi
My hands seemed to be aging faster than the rest of me. To slow this down, I massage a little handcream into my dry hands every night. This seems to be helping.
7) I'm Giving Up Soda by Nell
I didn't realize just how much soda that I drank in one week, until my daughter pointed it out to me. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Anyway, I have decided to replace the soda with a glass of juice instead. I'm saving money and taking in some nutrients at the same time.
8) More Gardening by Sally
Now that the warmer weather is finally here, I am going to use my weeding as part of my exercise program. I don't like exercise, but I don't mind working in the garden. Two problems solved.
9) This Really Works by Nancy
I recently went through my closet and decided what I'm going to keep and what I'm getting rid of. I can't believe how much junk was really in there. Now I know exactly what I need. It is a lot easier now that my closet is more organized.
10) "Better Cleansing" by Maria
I'm going to start paying more attention to my skin. I hate to admit it, but I have gone to bed with my makeup on, without a thought. I don't like the idea of botox injections in the coming years. It seems easier to start caring for my skin now.
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