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Dora Noble

Give Me Volume

One of the biggest problems that I hear associated with long hair is the fact that it simply hangs there. What women want is long, smooth hair, but with just enough volume to look full and luxurious. Here are a few ways to achieve that.

*More Volume

If your hair seems to be flat the second it dries, the next time you wash it, try sitting on a chair and then lean over so that your hair falls foreward toward your knees ) With your fingers, help your hair dry and at the last minute, use a blow dryer to finish the job. When your flip your hair back into place, you will have twice the volume you started with.

*Help From A Mousse

To add volume, quite often styling products can help in a big way. Mousse is probably the best product you can use for this purpose and they come in all price ranges.

*The Best of Both

If you are looking for lots of volume, but not a lot of curl, pick up a set of the largest velcro rollers you can find. When the hair is barely damp to the touch, roll all of your hair in these self holding rollers and then allow to dry naturally. The results will be tons of volume. *If you find that it's a bit too much volume, after a night's sleep, most of it will be gone, leaving in its place, long smooth tresses.

*Volumizing Shampoos

This might be something that you would like to look into as well. They work by coating each strand of hair, which obviously would offer instant volume.

*I Can't Believe I'm Saying This

A little back-combing will give instant volume to your hair as well, but be very careful of how much you inflict onto your hair. Remember that all of these tangles have to be removed and if you aren't gentle, you could cause a lot of damage to the strands.

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