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Photo used with permission of Wendy Bolton

Photo used with permission of Wendy Bolton

Hair's The Thing

Today's Beauty Tips for Your Hair

  • Time To Change Your Part
    Are you bored with the way you part your hair? Did you know that a center part works for most face shapes.

  • So how much damage can a little pollution do to your hair? You would be surprised. Just for a moment, think about the chemicals and pollutants that are drifting on summer breezes. They tend to stick and that doesn't make for shiny, healthy looking hair.

  • Trick of the Eye
    To draw the eye away from problem areas, put all of your efforts into great makeup combined with a great haircut. And it doesn't hurt to work on your attitude and fashion sense!

  • To help your hair look its best during the summer months, treat your scalp to a pre-shampoo scalp massage. A little warm olive oil can make a world of difference to dull, lifeless tresses. Warm oil can work wonders on limp lifeless hair.

  • Whenever possible, protect your hair by wearing a hat, or even better, a golf umbrella will protect hair from over-exposure to the sun, wind and air pollution.

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*Original Photographer... Doug Buchanan

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