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Welcome to About.com's Beauty site, led by beauty expert, Julyne Derrick. Julyne has been the beauty expert for About.com since 2005. You can find Julyne on PinterestFacebook and Google+.


Julyne Derrick has been a beauty fanatic since since she was a preteen growing up in a small Texas town with only Seventeen and Teen magazine subscriptions to teach her beauty tricks and with only Wal-mart to buy the products. She honed her makeup and hair skills on her (somewhat) willing mother and she's a pro with a pair of tweezers, having fixed many a friend's unibrow in college. A journalist in New Mexico, Seattle and New York City before joining About.com, Julyne believes the true secret to beauty comes from within, but the right application of mascara and lipstick can help.


Julyne graduated from Texas Lutheran University and attended the journalism program at the American University in Washington D.C.

By Julyne Derrick:

In this day and age, who has time to try out 20 different foundations just to find the perfect one? And who has time to read a 300-page book on hair and makeup tips? (Especially when there is so much good fiction out there). Well, I do. That's my job and it's my goal to pass on everything I learn to you without glossing over the truth. I'll tell you how to get rid of your scaly lips, add body to your hair and find a new hairstyle. I'm not a product junkie who eagerly gets and tests out freebies. I prefer to inform you about products that work are are universally beloved. I will never push products on you that some marketing team wants me to promote.

I promise you this: Every day I learn more and pass my knowledge on to you.

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