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Organic, Natural Eyeshadows: Worth the Buy?

Eyeshadows That are Good for You & the Environment


Organic, Natural Eyeshadows: Worth the Buy?
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  • For years, I've had friends ask me about natural, organic skincare and makeup. They don't want to put anything on their skin that could be potentially harmful. So for years, I researched natural skincare and makeup and learned a ton, including what really makes a product "organic" and what ingredients are in the typical products we women use everyday.

    But I didn't know much about natural eyeshadows, until recently.

    I have a confession to make: it took me weeks to pull together this list because I only wanted to feature natural, organic eyeshadows that were both good for you AND the environment. Once I found those, I had to sift out the ones that got poor reviews because we all know there's simply nothing more annoying than spending a lot of money on eyeshadow only to apply it and realize that it hardly shows up on your lid.

    I have my reputation to protect. I really only want to tell you about the best stuff. The tried and true.

    What I learned about natural eyeshadows is this: mineral makeup is king. Mineral makeup is largely made up of purely natural ingredients including titanium oxide, zinc oxides, iron oxides and mica. Unlike non-organic shadows which contain very few naturally occurring ingredients and a lot of preservatives that aren't good for you, mineral makeup has been around for hundreds of years and is safe and good for you and the environment.

    This list also includes wonderful eyeshadow primers and a wonderful illuminator (use it to wake up eyes).

    Enjoy! See 15 Eyeshadows That Are Good for You & the Environment.

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