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Julyne Derrick

How to Make Over Your Guy

By February 11, 2013

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We all know a guy (or a few) in desperate need of a makeover. Whether they're wearing suits that are a size or two too large, they have a really bad haircut or they wear socks with sandals (nooooo!), you can see the hipness just under the surface.

So how to make over your guy? If he's the sensitive sort, I believe in the subtle approach: buy him a great pair of jeans or a bag full of grooming products or suggest he try out your stylist at your salon instead of his regular barber. Point out hairstyles you like on famous guys and tell him, "Oh you would look hot in that haircut!" Men do respond to flattery. This also works with jeans, "Honey, your butt would look great in these," and getting them to wear a smaller size suit, "You have a great body but it's lost in your suit."

Here are some of my favorite tips I've learned over the years, including a few I love from GQ's 25 style rules to live by:

  • According to GQ, 3-button suits are out, and 2-buttons are in.
  • Short sleeve dress suits with a tie are an absolute no-no.
  • Thin ties are more modern than fat ties.
  • Many guys wear their suits a size or two too large. Find out if yours is.
  • If your guy suffers from nicks and cuts when shaving, GQ suggests you encourage him to shave in the shower. The water and steam will soften his face. Once he's finished shaving, he should skip the cheapie drugstore aftershaves which are full of alcohol and fragrances and try a balm. About.com's Men's Fashion Guide Daniel Billett makes some great recommendations.
  • Men can be super self-conscious about hair loss. If your guy is sporting a bologna patch (the round, bald spot at the back of the head), or is making sad attempts at comb-overs, he's got some options. Some men find success in hair plugs (think Jude Law & Matthew McConaughey!), but I prefer a simple, shaved head, which is super sexy.
  • Personally, I'm not a fan of men shaving or waxing their chest hair, I have no problem with a hairy chest but I do have a problem with a sandpaper chest. If your dude hates his man fluff or wants to tame it for the beach, suggest he trim it with a hair trimmer.


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February 12, 2013 at 4:10 pm
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Good article but i don’t have a guy.

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