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Video:What Happens During a Brazilian Wax

with Jenn Pesce

A Brazilian wax sounds like the most potentially scary style of bikini wax, but it's not so bad if you know what to expect going in. Here are some details about what happens during a Brazilian wax.See Transcript

Transcript:What Happens During a Brazilian Wax

Hi, I'm Jenn Pesce for, and today, I'm going to tell you what happens during a Brazilian bikini wax.

Arriving for Your Brazilian Wax

Upon arrival, if you have never visited the salon or spa for any type of waxing, you might be asked to fill out a questionnaire. This will make sure the staff is aware of any personal conditions or allergies you might have. Get ready, you will be lead to a private treatment room by your specialist and then she will ask you to remove your pants and possibly your underwear. Then, she'll ask you to recline on a treatment bed.

The Consult and the Brazilian Wax

Now, for the consult: your specialist will ask you if you'd like to leave any hair behind or take it all off. The prep: your specialist will cleanse the area to be waxed. If hard wax is used, oil will be applied, or if strip wax is used, powder will coat the skin to protect it before applying wax. The process: wearing gloves, your specialist will apply warm wax on the hair with an applicator. Hard wax doesn't require a strip, so it will dry a bit before it's removed. With liquid wax, a strip of cloth or muslin will be put over the wax. The technician will hold your skin taut before removing the wax in a quick pull to effectively remove the hair and reduce the pain factor. Then she will work in sections until all of the desired hair is removed.

Brazilian Wax Aftercare

The clean up: because wax shouldn't be applied over skin more than once, any stray hairs missed by the wax will be cleaned up with tweezers or by threading. A lotion, oil or gel may be applied to remove any wax residue and to help calm the skin. Then, your treatment is finished and all you'll need to do is get dressed! Maintain your aftercare at-home: waxing, like any type of hair removal, may cause redness, irritation and possibly bumps and ingrown hairs, so it is important for self-care after treatments. 48 hours of rest is best! This time period is when your skin is most sensitive and susceptible to outside germs.

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