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Video:Tips for Curly Hair That's Shoulder-Length

with Laura Kiorkis

Curly hair can be a frizzy mess if it's not cut and styled properly. Use these tips for shoulder-length curly hair to get the most out of your springy locks.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Curly Hair That's Shoulder-Length

Hi! I am Laura Kiorkis, owner of Gemini of Chicago Hair Salon in Peoria, Arizona. Today, I'm going to talk to you about tips for curly hair that's shoulder length.

Avoid Layered Hair Cuts on Curly Hair

Certain haircuts to avoid with curly hair may include a cut with too much texture or too many layers. This is because it will go frizzy. Certain haircuts to consider with curly hair might be a haircut with longer layers with minimal texturizing more blunt ends.

Blow Dry Curly Hair Depending on the Hair Style You Want to Achieve

The tools you'll need to style curly hair are diffuser, a gel or a mousse and the shine serum. First, you will want to scrunch in a mousse or gel to keep the curls defined. You will then diffuse the hair at low heat and low speed. You will finish diffusing curly hair when it is 80% dry, not all the way dry.

When flat ironing curly hair, work in small sections using a heat protection spray and flat iron until smooth and straight. When blow-drying curly hair straight, work in a smoothing product and rough dry the hair 60% dry. Use a round brush to smooth out with heat and tension until you have a straight look.

Everyday care for curly hair should include a moisture shampoo and conditioner with treatments and the right products, such as oils and serums for styling. Formal styles for curly hair are best when kept in their natural state using the curls to create a nice formal up-swept look. You will want your curls loosely pinned in place at the nap of the neck on either side or at the top of the crown. And those are your top tips for shoulder length curly hair.

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