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Video:Style Inspiration: Elizabeth Hurley

with Kelly Britton

Elizabeth Hurley's hairstyle is a sought after red carpet look. You can recreate the celebrity hairstyle at home with a few simple steps and styling techniques.See Transcript

Transcript:Style Inspiration: Elizabeth Hurley

Hi, I am professional stylist Kelly Britton here today with Style to show you how to get Elizabeth Hurley’s long hair and fringe hairstyle.

Tools Needed for Elizabeth Hurley's Hairstyle:

  • Blow dryer
  • Medium Size Round Brush
  • Hair Spray
  • Emollient

Cut Your Hair in Long Layers

First have your stylist cut long layers into your hair with a side swept fringe line. Once your hair is cut in long layers you will want your bang section pulled back and in order to create that side swept bang look like Elizabeth Hurley pull it the opposite directions cutting a blunt straight across line.

Blow Dry the Hair While Curling for Added Bounce

When the stylist has cut your layers and fringe in to your hair you will wash and condition your hair and add emollient to the wet hair, all over, and now use a med round brush and blow dry. You will take 1 & 1/2 inch sections start at scalp round brushing outwar, curling up and out to get that body and bounce like EH. When styling the bangs pull hair opposite direction blow-dry against the part.

When finished blow drying the whole head and round brushing, pulling the bangs in the opposite direction and then back over again in the right direction, you want to spray the whole head pushing and elevating the hair with your fingers while spraying. If your are having a hard time to get the bangs to stay in place, put your hand under the bangs and continue to use spray and keep smoothing over the bang lines till it stays in place. This is how to the Elizabeth Fringe bang look style.

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