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Video:Shoulder Length Haircuts for a Round Face

with Orestes De La Paz

Want to learn about the best shoulder length haircuts for a round face? This video will show you which styles look best and are flattering to a round face.See Transcript

Transcript:Shoulder Length Haircuts for a Round Face

My name Orestes De La Paz for and today, we're going to discover some wonderful shoulder-length cuts and styles to flatter a round face.

Ideas for Shoulder Length Haircuts for a Round Face

The Long-ish Bob:

When working with a round face, some of your best tools are already at your disposal: your neck. You can accentuate length and height by cutting the hair in a shoulder sweeping bob, using the neck as a guideline. The shape from front to back creates a "V", slimming down the jaw, and creating a needed edge to the facial structure.

Style Switch-Up:

This look can be rocked either sleek or tousled with a large barrel curling iron as long as the waves don’t reach higher than the cheekbones.

Other Great Haircuts for a Round Face

Jaw-Sweeping layers:

Ask your stylist to cut layers beginning between the bottom of the ears and the beginning of the jaw. Have the layers continue down to the ends onto a straight cut. This works well if you have fine hair, otherwise have them taper the ends with a feather razor from the inside. This creates lightness at the ends and lengthens the look.

Style Switch-Up:

This look can work with volume or completely flat, although flatter hair can accent a round face rather than subdue it.

Additional Shoulder Length Haircuts for a Round Face

Cheek-Kissing Bangs:

If you’re growing your hair out and layers aren’t an option, you may want to keep the bottom simple, but allow for a sweeping bang. There doesn’t have to be must hair used as long as the pieces sweep away from the face, hugging the cheeks as they are styled. This breaks the monotony of the length and allows for the cheeks to upstage any roundness.

Style Switch Up:

A little teasing may be just what is needed to bring limp hair to life. Start at the top of the head, leaving a section out for the bangs and tease until a small cushion is created. Use a boar bristle brush to smooth any crinkles, and keep the sides tight as you continue with a classic ponytail. The elevated top and flirty bangs bring out just the right features to strengthen a round face.

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