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Video:See How a Weave is Put In

with Tye Coe

Weaves, which are interchangeable with hair extensions, can be fastened to hair in a variety of different ways. Learn how to put in a weave to blend hair pieces naturally.See Transcript

Transcript:See How a Weave is Put In

Hi! My name is Tye Coe for I am a celebrity hair, makeup and fashion stylist. Today we are at the fabulous BeSu Salon and Day Spa here in New York City and I am going to show you how to put in a weave.

Weaves Can be Fastened with a Variety of Methods

In putting in weave and hair extensions, those terms are used interchangeably, there's a lot of different methods you can use in order to put in a weave. You have bonding, you have sewing, you have hair integration or interlocking weave so there's lots of different types. Today we are going to use a method that has pre-wefted glue strips. I am going to show you how to put those in.

Part Hair Clean and Straight Before Applying Extension

On our model today, Hannah, the purpose in her weave or extensions is to add length to the front section where she cut bangs and she doesn't want the bangs anymore. She wants it all the same length. So we are going to focus in the front. So the first thing you want to do is leave a parting and leave at least one inch of hair out so that you can cover the hair that is put in. Make sure that you have a really good, solid clean part. So the first step is making sure that you have hair that either matches your hair color perfectly or that is the color of highlight that you would like to put in. Today we are using a weft that is similar to Hannah's color, it's a little bit lighter and it's going to add a highlighted effect. It has the adhesive already attached to it. We are going to then take the weft of hair and place it right below the parting. We are going to add some heat with the blow dryer that is going to help to lock this into place. So we have got our first extension in.

Always Have Pieces of Hair Over the Weave or Extension

The next part is going to be a quarter to a half inch away from the last piece that we put in. You want to continue the process by doing your quarter inch to half inch sections, making sure that your parts are really good and clean. You take the hair and put it right below the part line. Add heat with the blow dryer.So we are going to continue the process on the other side as well to kind of balance out these short bangs that Hannah has. So we have completed putting in the hair on the other side as well. You want to make sure that once you've put the hair in you've matched up the lengths with any remaining hair that you have got that is left out, so you make sure you trim it to match your hair. You want to make sure that your parting is in a place that you are covering up the wefts, so you can see like here we've got her wefts in and then we've left out enough hair to cover it so it looks very natural. And this is how you put in a weave.

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