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Video:Natural Dry Hair Remedies

with Omar Saad

Dry hair plagues many of us, but with the right natural ingredients, you can turn your straw-like hair into soft, lustrous locks. Check out this video for tips on how to use unconventional but completely natural remedies for dry hair.See Transcript

Transcript:Natural Dry Hair Remedies

Hi, I'm Kaytie Sproul here for, and today we're going to talk about natural dry hair remedies. Whether your hair is dry due to the minerals in your local water supply, or extreme over-processing and poor treatment throughout the years, there are several at-home fixes you can try to bring back some of the luster and shine. Consider the following.

Vinegar and Eggs are Natural Conditioners for Dry Hair

As strange as it may sound, one of the best ways to treat dry hair is with vinegar. Vinegar actually works as a conditioner, and is much healthier than heavily-scented, brand-name conditioners that can dry hair out due to high alcohol content. Massaging full-strength vinegar into your scalp several times a week can make dandruff disappear, while improving the overall cleanliness and shine of your hair.

Yet another way to clean and add shine to your dry hair, is with eggs. Crack an egg into a bowl and whip it with tepid water. Take the mixture and slowly lather it into your wet hair, rinsing it with cool water when you're done. Not only will the vitamins and minerals in the egg work to treat your dry hair, but you'll notice a little extra volume and body as well.

Try Homemade Hair Oils on Dry Hair Before Over-the-Counter Treatments

An age-old remedy for dry and damaged hair, used by generations of women, is oil. Surely you've heard of hot oil treatments, but you can do it yourself at home with a little olive or coconut oil, getting the same great results. Simply rub a little oil into your scalp and on your hair, cover your head with a cap for two to three hours, and shampoo and rinse your hair afterward. The same effect can be accomplished with a spoonful of regular mayonnaise, but you'll only need to leave the mayo on for about 45 minutes before shampooing and rinsing it out.

Check the Produce Aisle for Other Natural Dry Hair Remedies

If you have an hour or so to spare, try making an avocado and banana treatment for your hair. Mash up an over-ripe banana and a ripe avocado in a mixing bowl and generously apply the resulting paste to your hair. Allow it to sit for one hour and then rinse your hair with warm water until it's clean. The oils and vitamins in the banana and avocado will help to repair and rejuvenate straw-like hair and split ends, leaving you with hair that feels soft and silky.

Yes, Even Beer Can Help Remedy Dry Hair

If you're a fan of beer, here's one more reason to love it: it's great for your hair! In addition to the vitamin B, the proteins found in the beer's malt and hops are great for repairing dry and damaged hair and boosting overall body. After you've shampooed your hair, rinse your hair with a bottle of beer in the shower and then follow up with a lukewarm rinse of water until the beer is all washed out. Once dried, you should notice that your dry hair now feels softer and fuller.

Dry hair is no fun, but treating it with natural ingredients can help to heal and repair even the worst of damage. We all face different challenges when it comes to our hair, so take the time to try out some of these remedies or even combine a couple of them if you feel your hair needs extra care and attention.

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